03 >> Must Know Real Estate Advice — Kyle Handy

I had the pleasure interviewing my friend and fellow investor, Kyle Handy.  I met him at one of my fix and flip projects and we’ve kept in touch ever since.  Kyle is a successful entrepreneur and real estate broker who founded Handy Realtor.  He’s done well over 100 real estate transactions to include fix and flips and nifty creative strategy called “BRRR” which stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance.  We cover a wealth of information and I hope you pick up some golden nuggets you can implement in your own investing strategies!

10 Ways To Find Real Estate Deals Today!

Discover free or low-cost ways to find real estate deals!

What’s inside:

  • Using private capital to fund projects
  • Using the creative BRRR strategy
  • Talking with sellers
  • Becoming successful in real estate
  • Having a focused mindset
  • http://www.handy-realty.com

Great Info to know:

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