01 >> The Man Behind Focused Investor

I had the pleasure of investing in real estate for almost a decade and it has been an adventure. I started out not focused on what I wanted to accomplish. I had fuzzy goals that lacked a timeline, no metrics, and no real path. My investing career dramatically changed when I became focused! Once I shifted my mindset and gained clarity, I set goals and increased my deal flow. That ultimately led my bottom line gaining zeros.

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I hope to share what I’ve learned with you so that you can flourish in your journey in real estate investing.  My goal is to train, motivate, and inspire all of you to charge forward with focus so you can be successful and obtain wealth.

What’s inside:

  • My background
  • My real estate experience
  • Having a focused mindset
  • How to be successful and gain wealth

Great Info to know:

  • Eric’s podcast on iTunes: Focused Real Estate Investor Podcast
  • Podcast Hotline: 214-329-9738
  • Want to find real estate deals: 10 Ways to Find Deals Guide


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