05 >> Earn Big Profits Co-Wholesaling — Jeanette Olivio

You may hear some investors complain that they can’t find motivated sellers and therefore can’t do deals in their market.  Well, Jeannette Olivio has solved that problem and made herself the “connector” amongst investors.  In this episode, Jeannette reveals how she makes money without having to market to cash buyers or having to make cold calls to find deals.  Investors bring her the deals!  Then she uses her extensive buyers list to find the special buyer for that property and she makes a profit by co-wholesaling.

10 Ways To Find Real Estate Deals Today!

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What’s inside:

  • What is co-wholesaling
  • Negotiating tactics
  • How to make big profits co-wholesaling
  • Bringing value to sellers
  • Having a focused mindset

Great Info to know:

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  • Podcast Hotline: 214-329-9738
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